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EU Education in English

Learning about the European Union in school
Engaging approaches for teaching civic education on the EU

So close, yet so far?

Civics is being taught in English more and more these days, and the European Union is a fitting topic to be taught this way in the classroom. Teachers, however, often lack suitable approaches and materials to teach the subject matter in English. More than any other field of learning, EU education is ideal for international networking, yet there has not been much exchange among educators from different member states.

Crossing borders!

Our training program, however, addresses this need. If you are looking for methodologically diverse and cognitively activating approaches to teaching EU civic education in English and would like to network with teachers from other European countries, this teacher training is ideal for you.

NOTE: This teacher training is conducted in English


Selected Highlights

Guest Lecture

by Prof. Dr. Eva G. Heidbreder and follow-up discussion

Open Exchange

with a member of the European Parliament

EU Civic Education

Objectives, approaches, and methods to teach EU civic education in English, including simulation and serious games


European Elections 2024


with civics teachers from other European countries
current dates

Dates and Registration

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